Saturday, 15 November 2008

No Money, No Bird but's Rome!

This week had 2 interviews one of which I really hope I get and the other they can shove right up their patronising arses.

After blitzing job applications from Moldova in October one school showed interest and invited me to sell myself.

Turned up and was initially impressed with the British and American flags standing erect & proud in the foyer plus the CNN news on a big telly (full of that bitch Sarah Palin who has managed to successfully spin the media to try and convince Joe Public that she is a misunderstood victim).

Sat with 2 rather cute women for the interview (although one looked like she'd been having seconds) and was pleased with how things were going right up until they came to the most important bits: pay, hours and Training.

Pay was 10 Euros per hour (about £7.50), hours were 33 a week (incl 2 Saturdays per month) and Training was 5 days of unpaid bollocks where they expected me to teach 2 lessons for free. I kept my face straight and have no intention of working for these twats even if they do call me. My retort “but I have 13 years experience” was met with “our Training let's you understand how we work”.

Yeah right!

Second one was for a manager's job at a school in Bari starting January. School was unique in the 13 years I've been teaching in that they had obviously put a lot of effort into how the school looked and making the students feel comfortable. Even the decor was colour coordinated for soothing effect (blue and cream) and I arrived to find a group of students watching About A Boy which despite my tendencies for Saw and 007 is a belting film. Told the truth throughout which was that I would give 100% but expected it in return and that wouldn't compromise on issues like Health & Safety or Welfare. Having worked for some right money grubbing wankers in my time (including one company that accused me of “wanting to cause trouble” for trying to officially complain about being trapped in an elevator for an hour) if I DON'T get it at least I know it's me they were rejecting and not some flaccid sponge in a borrowed suit.

A girl at work is well cute and I've been trying to get her on a date for some time now. Problem is she's always busy and if really stressed you can practically see the steam coming out of her ears and she talks like an express train. She works as a translator for Italian movies (putting the subtitles on) and is constantly burning up phone credit asking for last minute confirmation over colloquialisms and the minutaie(sp?) of Shakespeare's tongue. I finally managed to convince her to have dinner with me which is tonight. Time will tell eh?

The eentsy Asus laptop that I bought for travelling is ace for checking emails and booking flights but causes arthritis if you try to type on the bastard. One thing I was grateful to college for was forcing me to do Typing (or Keyboarding as it was known then) and the boring shit hole job I had after leaving Uni at a printing press firm where I was able to practice banging away on a QWERTY. Today I invested in a Fold-It keyboard which is made of rubber and rolls up like a yoga mat. Will make a handy draught excluder come the January snap methinks.

In the papers this week is the case of Italian police brutality against students 2 years ago at the G8 summit who were demonstrating peacefully inside a school and were in fact sleeping when the Fuzz stormed in and beat them up. Italians are righteously annoyed at this facism and want justice.

A contrast to the UK where a police officer would have been the subject of investigation for chatting too loudly on his radio and waking up one of the demonstrators (who had a doctor's note saying they needed 8 hours kip per night and was therefore the victim of sleep deprivation by the Police).

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